Catching Fire Coaching

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Do you desire to grow despite your surroundings?

Turning Crisis Management
Reach for the Sky!
into Growth Management

Have you ever felt like your life simply careens from one urgency to another? Do you frequently wish life would just slow down and stop throwing wrenches at you so that you could get down to the business you really want to do?

What costs you more in money, energy, sleep, and time - moving from crisis to crisis, or deliberately choosing actions that take you the direction you truly want to grow?

What if there was a magic knife that could cut through the hot mess of all the stress and chaos, and empower you to make progress in the growth you truly desire?

Enrolling a coach to support you as a "magic knife" is a first step in aiming your energy into efficient action that will move you beyond fixing crises and into accomplishing concrete changes that, often, end up avoiding crisis-creation in the future.

A coach will assist you to:

This offer provides you 3 months of coaching, 3 hours total per month, for $350/month. Sessions can be 30 mins, 45 mins, or 60 mins in length, according to what works most powerfully for you. We can work via Skype or in person, depending on your location and preference.

"Rebecca is truly brilliant at helping you sort through the tangle and get to to the core of what it is you really want from your life. ...I heartily edorse this lady as a coach...she truly does know how to get to the heart of what is stopping you from realizing your dreams." - M. Halford, Ohio
"After 3 months of coaching, I had learned more about myself - my true core self - than I ever imagined. Through coaching, my beliefs about myself and what I thought I wanted in life were turned on their heads. I thought I had to force myself to accomplish a list of quantifiable tasks to feel fulfilled. Coaching taught me that I need to know and accept my true self to feel fulfilled. And consequently, the quantifiable has effortlessly come to pass." - D. Singer, Colorado
Contact to begin cutting through the chaos and making progress towards the future you really want. There are only 5 spots available, so grab yours quickly - this offer expires June 15th.