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Working Together


As a coach and designer-consultant, I partner with you to discover what your authentic and invigorating representation on the web is. It's ok if you aren't quite sure what you need or want: maybe you have a vibe you want to aim for, and certain goals you're trying to reach through your website - that's enough for me to build upon!

I put my coaching skills at work to help you determine what you need your site to do, define who your audience is, and polish the content of your site.


I then put it together for you on a platform that is friendly for newbies, and show you how to manage it for updates into the future.

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“Accessible, creative and innovative: a few words that I would use to describe the web site development and coaching that Rebecca did for us. Her ability to understand what we needed and her creativity resulted in a website that we continue to get raves about from our clients. Her willingness to be available and make modifications have been a key to establishing the way that we want to market our company in the marketplace.”

– Debbie Abma, SpeaksOUT!

"At least fifty percent of web site design is coming up with the content. Many of us gaze at the blank screen, stumped and trying to figure out how to represent ourselves and what we have to offer. This is where you need Rebecca as your coach, helping you to find the words, colours, style and images to represent yourself and your business in the most aligned and succinct way. As a solo-preneur with an eclectic service, I have found Rebecca’s insightful questions and suggestions invaluable, as I crafted my message to reach my ideal customers. When they contact me through my website, I want them to say, “You’re exactly what I thought you would be when I was on your website!” Rebecca helps you to get there."

- Lucca Hallex, Powersourcerer


Below are some short walkthroughs showing aesthetics and functionality of several sites I've worked on, past and present.

EVE Site
Inge Development Site
Straight Line Site
Lucca Site

Note that some sites are recorded using the Way Back Machine and as such are missing some of their original images

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